TOWN OF CHARLTON, MASS. – ExxonMobil, with alignment from the Town of Charlton and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, will temporarily cease work on the Charlton Waterline in light of authorities enacting “stay-at-home” advisories to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The next phase of work – waterline activation, installation of plumbing, and private well abandonments – will require regular interactions between our neighbors and work crews.

“In view of guidance from relevant authorities, we believe a temporary delay in the next phase of work will help protect the health and safety of our Charlton neighbors and work force,” said ExxonMobil Project Manager Beth Zinkevicz.

ExxonMobil will discuss appropriate next steps with the Town and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection as the virus recedes, with the goal of connecting neighbors to the Charlton Waterline as soon as safely possible.

Please email any questions about the Charlton Waterline to

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