TOWN OF CHARLTON, MASS. – The Charlton Waterline construction crews resumed pipe laying work for 2019, technical teams for ExxonMobil and Kleinfelder recently confirmed.

Waterline construction has begun along L. Stevens Road and Old Worcester Road for the 2019 construction season. In 2018, waterline construction took place from October 1 through December 21, during which time pipeline was installed along Masonic Home Road, Old Worcester Road and L. Stevens Road.

“The Charlton Waterline construction progress continues to align with our completion objectives,” said Beth Zinkevicz of ExxonMobil, who oversees the waterline project. “We thank the Towns of Charlton and Southbridge, various agencies and especially, the residents who continue to communicate with us during construction.”

The technical teams will continue to inform the public of construction activities and traffic impacts through email alerts and the project website.

This long-term, permanent drinking water solution intends to address groundwater contamination problems which may have been contributed to by the former LaMountain service station. The waterline has the added benefits of resolving other groundwater issues facing the Town which are not related to the station, such as naturally-occurring arsenic, road salt, radon/ uranium and petroleum releases from the Town Garage.

Construction activities and traffic impacts will be updated on the as they become available. ExxonMobil can also be reached by email with inquiries at


    • Installed a 16-inch diameter water main along Route 169 (Aug. – Oct. 2016).
    • Conducted further field work, including professional survey and drilling (Sept. – Oct. 2016).
    • Met with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) and the Town of Charlton to negotiate the Settlement Agreement and Administrative Consent Order (Nov. 2016).
    • Submitted utility permits to National Grid, Kinder Morgan and Verizon for construction (Nov. 2016 – Jan. 2017).
    • Submitted draft water line design to Charlton (Dec. 2016); received comments June 2017.
    • Submitted draft designs for pump stations to Charlton (Mar. 2017); received comments June 2017.
    • Submitted Pre-Qualification package to prospective bidders (Apr. 2017).
    • Met with representatives of Charlton Water & Sewer Commission, Police Department, Highway Department, Fire Department, Chris McClure, and Southbridge Department of Public Works to plan for construction and traffic management (ongoing).
    • Met with representatives of The Overlook, Bay Path Regional Technical High School, and Heritage and Charlton Middle Schools to plan for construction (ongoing).
    • Conducted pressure test on existing water system (May 2017).
    • Submitted response to Charlton’s initial review comments of water line design (June 2017).
    • Met with representatives of Charlton and Southbridge to discuss pressure test results and progress water design approvals (June 2017).
    • Conducted second pressure test on existing water system (July-August 2017).
    • Submitted draft and final designs for water tank mixers to Charlton (June and August 2017); received Charlton, Southbridge and MADEP approvals in September 2017
    • Submitted bid to prospective contractors for water tank mixers (September 2017).
    • Reimbursed Charlton for the acquisition of land on Southbridge Road for Route 169 Pump Station (September 2017); Town of Charlton purchased the land in October 2017.
    • Submitted final design for Route 169 pump station (December 2017).
    • Submitted bids and awarded construction contract for Route 169 water pump station (Early 2018).
    • Awarded construction contracts for water tank mixers to improve water quality on the existing Charlton water system (Early 2018).
    • Construction of Route 169 water pump stations and water tank mixers (Mid-2018 – Early 2019).
    • Waterline project design approvals via Charlton and Southbridge (June 2018).
    • Community meeting provided details of the project and answered questions from residents (June 2018).
    • Submitted bids and awarded construction contracts for bulk of Charlton waterline (July 2018).
    • Review of bids, discussions with contractors and approvals (August 2018).
    • Notice to Proceed awarded to Charlton Waterline Project contractors (September 2018).
    • Pre-construction meeting conducted for Charlton Waterline Project (September 2018).
    • Mobilization for the Charlton Waterline Project began (Early October 2018).
    • NEW – Construct Charlton waterline project (2018-2019).
    • NEW – 12-month grace period begins to accept waterline connection (2019).
    • NEW – Begin individual water service connections and well abandonments (2019).
    • NEW – 12-month grace period ends to accept waterline connection (2020).
    • NEW – Complete construction of remaining water pump stations (2020-2021).
    • NEW – Individual water service connections and well abandonments completed (2021).