ExxonMobil is committed to communicating openly with neighbors, community members and other interested parties about our actions in the Town of Charlton. If you require additional information or have more questions, please contact us by email at charltoninfo@exxonmobil.com or visiting the website www.ourcharltoncommitment.com.

Q1: How long will construction last?

ExxonMobil began waterline construction in the fall of 2018, which will continue during favorable weather conditions through 2020. Track construction updates at www.ourcharltoncommitment.com.

Q2: Where can I find traffic impact information during construction?

ExxonMobil regularly updates its Traffic Updates page on the Our Charlton Commitment site, and provides updates to the Town of Charlton as well as to its Charlton Waterline community email list. To join this list, email charltoninfo@exxonmobil.com and ask to be updated on the Charlton Waterline.

Q3: Where will the water line run along properties?

A contractor will contact you prior to construction to determine optimal locations for curb stops, piping routes, landscaping issues or other aspects of the waterline construction that may impact your residence.

Q4: How can I tell if my home will be eligible for a connection?

ExxonMobil will offer free connections along the waterline loop as well as at the Charlton Middle School, Heritage School, Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School and Overlook Life Care Community on Masonic Home Road.

Q5: How much will it cost me to connect my home to the municipal water supply?

Nothing during the 12-month connection grace period, which begins when the waterline is activated.

Q6: What happens if I do not connect during the 12-month connection period?

All properties abutting the waterline must receive a curb stop in the right-of-way as part of the settlement agreement. Any future connection to municipal water will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Q7: Will I be charged a betterment fee?

The Town of Charlton will not charge betterment fees  during the grace period. For property owners who opt-out and later connect, privilege fees may be assessed. Please contact the Town of Charlton for further information.

Q8: Can I still use my existing well to water the lawn, fill my pool, etc. after connecting?

No. ExxonMobil’s offer to cover associated costs for connecting properties to the waterline requires each property’s potable well to be abandoned and the existing pump to be removed. This will meet the objective of eliminating a potential exposure pathway for contaminated water.

Q9: Will a well for future groundwater monitoring be open for use?

No. ExxonMobil, with the approval of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, plans to use select wells for monitoring purposes only. Those wells will be disconnected from the homes, the pumps will be removed and the wells will not be available to the homeowner. Groundwater samples will be collected directly from the wells using portable equipment. The wells will be abandoned after the long-term monitoring program is completed.

Q10: Who will own the waterline once it is installed?

Individual waterline connections will be owned by the respective property owners. Main waterlines located within the public right-of-way will be owned by the Town of Charlton.

Q11: What benefits do I reap if my well water test results are “non-detect?”

Other water quality issues may exist in the well and thus, would not be treated by whole-house filtration, including high rates of arsenic, iron, manganese, radon and sodium. The property will also benefit from an uninterrupted supply of quality water during droughts or power outages.

Q12: Why pay for municipal water if my well water is free?

Connecting to the Charlton Waterline is optional. ExxonMobil’s commitment to provide a clean, reliable water source to the Town of Charlton includes constructing a new waterline, installing individual connections and abandoning private supply wells, all at the company’s expense.

Q13: What will my monthly municipal water rate cost?

The Town of Southbridge sets the water rates. Based on household use of 350 gallons a day, the current rates of the Town of Southbridge averages about $40 a month.

Q14: Will ExxonMobil connect the Charlton Orchards Farm & Winery property to the Charlton Waterline?

According to the agreement reached in April 2016 with the Town of Charlton, ExxonMobil will offer connections, free of charge, to identified properties along the roughly six-mile waterline route, which includes the property currently known as Charlton Orchards Farm & Winery.