Charlton Waterline Project – 125 Service Connections Completed, Final Agreement Reminder

March 14th, 2022

March 2022 – ExxonMobil’s contractors connected the 125th private property to municipal water in November 2021.  Trenching for individual service connections began in Fall 2020 and continued through the 2021 construction season.  The water mains were activated on April 7, 2021.  The BayPath Regional Technical High School on Old Muggett Hill Road and the Overlook Retirement Facility on Masonic Home Road have also been connected to municipal water.  Both the Heritage School and Charlton Middle School on Oxford Road were also connected to the municipal water supply in January 2022.  ExxonMobil anticipates connecting additional residences to municipal water in the next construction year, anticipated to start in April 2022.

If you are located along the School Loop, you have until April 6, 2022 to accept the ExxonMobil Water Service Agreement.   If you choose not to sign the Agreement by April 6, 2022, you may elect to connect to municipal water later at your own expense (additional privilege fees may also be charged). ExxonMobil, with the approval of the MassDEP, may stop sampling your potable well and providing you a supply of bottled water in the future if you do not elect not to connect to municipal water.

Kleinfelder has been sending quarterly reminders to property owners along the School Loop since the water mains were activated in April 2021.  Please contact us immediately at if you have any questions or need an additional copy of the agreement.  You may also contact Moira Johnson of Kleinfelder at or 508-270-6558.  Per ExxonMobil’s agreement with the MassDEP, property owners have until April 6, 2022 to agree to the municipal water line service connection.